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Starting with systems evaluations IntellciaView is layered to form a highly effective business information reporting and analysis tool that delivers tangible benefits.

Module Feature Benefit
Systems Evaluations Creates a baseline of your systems and how they can support your strategic objectives. Roadmap of your company's business systems is defined to support execution of the strategic plan reducing costly redundancy and increasing efficiency.
Data Capture Identifies and captures data elements that feed metrics and sets up an automated process to transmit data. Automates information collection and minimizes the impact on IT resources to reduce cost.
Data Warehouse Creates customer-specific database to house data for metrics reporting and simplifies information retrieval. Provides fast and reliable information source.

Easy-to-navigate user interface contains access to key corporate information and metrics.

Save reports to custom folders, share info with other users, and link docs and reports.

Eliminates time-consuming entry of key corporate metrics.

Improves productivity of users.

Increases control of corporate information assets.


Users control information displayed via filters, prompts and report options.

Reports can include charts and listed information, which will highlight interest area.

Wildcard characters can be used for info searches.

Users are kept more informed of business-wide metrics.

Improve better overall company management by focusing on appropriate details.

Identify credit risks by including orders, shipments, invoices, and credit limit in a single report.

Improve inventory turns by spotting slow-moving items to sell to reduce inventory.

Streamline production costs by monitoring employee production tasks


Company-defined optimized cubes of information by functional area.

Pivot table-based analysis (users drag-and-drop information elements onto custom reports.

Drill-down for more detail.

User-defined calculations.

Easy-to-use charts can be modified and saved for future use.

Works with Microsoft Excel for more formatting and info sharing.

Eliminate costly delays through faster access to critical data and information.

Improve decision-making confidence through better informed business assessment.

Facilitate consensus-building and coordinated actions.

Boost sales by better managing sales team and monitoring customer trends.

Improve control of production costs with better visibility of work center activity.


Email automated reports to colleagues and customers(controlled by company administrators).

Reports can be sent on an "exception" basis emphasing key metrics indicating suggested action required.

Enhance decision-making efficiency.

Increase management productivity.

Communicate better with customers (e.g., orders are entered with margins below amounts, inventory items are below a specified level, credit limit exceeded).

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